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August, 2013

It was time for a Southwest 2013 trip, first escaping the Oregon smoke by checking out the California smoke, and then continuing on with what was a very pleasant trip.

Crater Lake RV

June, 2013
We wanted to get away for a few days, so we decided to try Crater Lake RV Park in Prospect, OR, just to see what it was like. It seems to be a nice enough place with the RV spaces nestled in amongst lots of pine trees, sort of like being at home but without any chores or upkeep to do. Cell phone coverage is too weak to use but was just adequate when using our amplifier and external antenna. Wi-fi is mostly good but limited to two hours per day, though our Jet Pack worked okay via the cell phone amplifier.


May, 2013: We had another stay, with friends, at the Valley of the Rogue State Park for Memorial Day weekend.

May, 2013

We thought it was time we explored Redding, CA a bit, just to see if it should be on our list of possibilities for our next move, whenever that should happen, and we picked the Premier RV Park as a base for a weeks stay while we looked around.  We'll have to let it simmer for awhile before deciding anything, but our stay was pleasant enough and the weather was mostly nice.

March, 2013

We spent a few days at the Rogue River RV park, just to take a little break and to see how the park was.

February, 2013

We went to Seven Feathers to see Billy Gardell and to have a short little weekend vacation in their RV park.

May, 2012

We went to California to see a gourd festival, to do some family visiting and to present Patrick's parents with a family montage.

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