Rogue River RV Park

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March, 2013

The view out the front of our RV was quite pleasant with the Rogue River rolling by. The park has many full time residents which gives it a different atmosphere though it was nice and quiet and we enjoyed our stay well enough.

It's a good thing the view was so nice, as there isn't really anything else to do in the park, though there are a few local businesses within walking distance. We also came just to try out our new cell phone wi-fi system from Verizon, but discovered that Shady Cove is not in the Verizon service area so we only had very slow and painful data through the 1X extended service, although the voice service was fine. Unfortunately the park's wi-fi service is just as slow.

Since I couldn't surf the internet and as we were more or less camping, I though I would see if there was any wildlife around.  Walking up the river a ways I came upon four geese just settling down. By waiting quietly for a bit I was able to get a shot of them all taking a rest.

Someone came walking along with a dog though, and the geese decided it was time to get up and head upriver where they were out of reach.

It wasn't long before a couple of them decided to come back and came swooping in low over the river, ready for a landing.

Happily I had switched to a telephoto lens and was ready just as this one touched down.

And then the photo shoot was over -- and there were just a couple of geese in the river swimming slowly upstream while I wandered back to the RV.

Trips-2012, Home