Montage Trip

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May, 2012


This was a three point trip to California, first to see our son in the Bay Area, next to visit with parents in Visalia and lastly to attend the gourd festival near Sacramento.

We ( I ) like to limit the daily driving, so our first stop was only as far as the Durango RV in Red Bluff.

we spent the next couple of days at the Coyote Valley RV just south of the Bay Area, giving us time for a nice visit with our son.

We next stayed at the Visalia KOA, roughing it a bit due to broken plumbing and a failing water pump.

We had a nice visit with Patrick's parents and presented them with this professionally printed family montage which was the culmination of a year's long collaborative effort between Patrick in Oregon and John in Montana.

Adding an extra water valve (the top one) to isolate the pump from the city water supply allowed us to have a working water system until the pump can be replaced once we're back home.

We stopped at the Flag City RV for a little break, before heading on to the gourd festival.

We arrived at the gourd farm and were assigned a spot for dry camping in a side parking lot amongst a number of old tractors.

Some of the tractors seemed to be operational and some seemed to simply be stored there and it was a little hard to tell which were which.

The gourd festival was not too photogenic and we neglected to take any pictures, but you can imaging a whole bunch of crates full of a big variety of gourds just sitting all over a hard packed dirt field.  That and a couple dozen tables set up for venders selling their gourd art, which it didn't seem appropriate to photograph.

Later that afternoon we took off and drove all the way back home, of course packing numerous gourds for a number of artwork projects.

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