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July 2013

The new fawns are becoming regulars now, spending more and more time in our front yard as the heat of summer continues on.

July 2013

The bucks usually only stop by for a visit every now and then, though it seems that they come more often as the fawns become more confortable.

June 20, 2013: The Fawn Story

As self appointed babysitters, we worried about this fawn all night long.

June 2013

Mom has just brought the twins to introduce them to our lawn.

They seemed to be thinking, "So, what's to do around here?"

Another single fawn arrived to look around as well.

The fawn twins had to introduce themselves.

This fawn might have been meeting its big brother.

Why go around when you can go over?

A close inspection of the front fountain.

This might well have been a first encounter with one of the big black crows.

And perhaps finally running a little low on energy?

Critters, Ewe Creek, Home