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June 11, 2013

Years ago we caught a glimpse, during daylight, of a mother raccoon and her babies running through the forest, trying to get away from us. Today in the late afternoon this raccoon climbed our garden fence and sampled a couple of our strawberries, then climbed up, over and down the backyard fence. It didn't seem the least bit worried and acted like it knew just where it was going, which we were pretty sure was our bird feeder.

It kept an eye on us whenever we moved and went back to looking for sunflower seeds if we held still and it wasn't bothered at all by the click of the camera. I was up on the deck (using a telephoto lens) and the raccoon was down in the garden but I was still quite prepared to beat a quick retreat at any sign of aggression. I started moving in closer and the raccoon decided it was time to call it quits so it ran off, but not with the appearance of any great panic.

Hmm, but now should we be getting nervous -- as in, "Do we really want raccoons coming around in the day time?"

September 19, 2011

We had been noticing small dug-up areas in the garden and lawn for the last several months and a few weeks ago I set up the camera to see if I could find out what was visiting us.  We seem to have a family of raccoons coming around in the early morning, fairly regularly now -- showing up at least a few days in each week.  So far they aren't doing anything too terrible but a Google search indicates that they can be a somewhat destructive pest, especially if they manage to get under the house or into the attic.  There doesn't seem to be any easy way to get rid of them either, so we don't know just what to do and will probably simply wait and see what happens for awhile. We're sure though, that neither the fresh water in the waterfall nor the Sunflower seeds all over the ground from the bird feeder have anything to do with the raccoons coming around.

Critters, Ewe Creek, Home