Ewe Creek Critters

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Deer closeup

Of course there are the deer. We just can't stop taking pictures of them, so there are now two sections:

<== From 2003 through 2012 --- and from 2013 on ==>

There are those Critters That Hide, which we either never, or almost never, see.

We have not seen a bear yet and are not sure we want to, though we have certainly seen their signs, so we know they come to visit. Check out our Bear Page.

The left picture was traced back to First People, a web site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations. Unfortunately I have not been able to discover where I found the picture on the right.


We have not seen a cougar yet either, and don't really want to. They have been sighted by some of our neighbors, though.

Unfortunately I have not been able to discover where I found this picture.

Our bobcat

We saw one brief flash of a bobcat outside the backyard fence shortly after we moved in (2002) but had no chance of a picture.

Then one day in 2012 a bobcat came strolling through our front forest and we finally got the picture of  "our" bobcat.


We had been seeing signs we thought might be coyote, then one morning a couple came to visit and stayed around long enough for a rushed picture.

Fox We looked out one morning and saw a Gray Fox rolling on the ground where the deer spend a lot of time. I scrambled for my camera but the fox went on up the hill before I could get the telephoto lens attached. Another day in early June we looked out and saw a fox walking casually through the forest. Again I scrambled for my camera and this time we got a bit more up close and personal, which earned a Gray Fox page.
Fox There are Peacocks around this area, though they have never shown up on our property.  We visited some friends that have them around, and I wasn't quick enough on the trigger to photograph one in full display. They are quite striking birds while they have their long tail feathers, even when just walking around.
Raccoon We had been waiting a long time but finally this raccoon presented itself -- up close and personal, and we were lucky enough to happen to be there. We have had raccoons visit during the night sometimes but never a relaxed daytime visitor like this one.

On rare occasions we catch the smell of skunk.

Photograph found on the Animal Trapping Services web site.

opossum We have opossums around, checking out our garden.  We've never seen one but we did manage to get this picture.

We occasionally have a turkey pass through. The left photo was taken at Wildlife Safari.

We had a new family that came by occasionally. When they saw us, the chicks hid and the photo on the right is one of the chicks "hiding" inside our barn.

Turkey chick
Rabbit A few jackrabbits live in our forest and meadow areas. This one was having breakfast on our front lawn. They don't spend much time posing for pictures, though, and in the time we've been here this is the best I've done. Rabbit
Squirrel Bushy tailed gray squirrels can be found here and there. Squirrel

We've gained some experience with moles, voles, mice, etc.

This Meadow Vole picture is from the eNature.com web site.


We have had bats in under our roof shingles and the guano to prove it, until we put on a new roof.  We've seen a few droppings here and there since then but not in concentrated amounts, so we don't know where the bats went after being forced out of our roof. We did find this one, though.


We have a variety of small birds, woodpeckers and big crows.

A number of geese spend the summers here, happily enjoying our neighbor's pond where we can listen to them from a distance rather than having them honking in our yard.

Frog We found a little frog hanging on the side of the house late one night.
Garden snake There is a garden snake, where else but in the garden.
Lizard We have lots of lizards around, mostly just laying in the sun.

Ewe Creek, Home