Critters That Hide

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October 2010

The rabbit has moved from our garden into the backyard, where it is chopping (or chomping) off numerous plants and we don't know quite what to do about that.

Seems the opossum doesn't mind exploring the back yard either.

June 2010
We were pretty sure that there were raccoons around but had only seen some once several years ago. Our front fountain seems to have enticed this one to stay out into the morning light.

September 2010
All our lettuce disappeared, so we set up the camera and discovered this guy visiting in the night.  The next day we discovered that a rabbit had been hit out on the road just outside our gate and then the lettuce started growing again.

Rabbit again
The garden didn't remain undisturbed, though.  I guess the bunny on the road wasn't "ours" as the lettuce once again began shrinking and we found our "friend" visiting again in the middle of the night.

It seems that the rabbit isn't the only one interested in the garden's lettuce bed.

The garden seems to be a popular place during the black of the night.

We were surprised to discover another visitor coming around.  This one in broad daylight, though we have never actually seen him (or her).

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