Ewe Creek Bears

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The bear pictures here are borrowed and are not really of "our" bear. We haven't decided if we really want that opportunity, or not. All the evidence photos presented here, though, are very real.


Bear mess

May 2009

Another encounter occured during the night, leaving us a bit of a Bear mess.

Bear door
Stock bear picture

December 2005

Unfortunately "our" bear may not be with us anymore, as we were recently informed that a large brown bear attacked a neighbor's dog and was reportedly charging both the dog and the owner. The bear was shot and the dog escaped, then the shooter approached the bear resulting in the need for stitches in the shooter's arm before the bear was shot one last time.

Bear guard

May 2005

Okay, we'll try an electric fence and see if that does any good.

Bear feeder?

May 2005

We like to feed the birds with this cute little bird feeder which is suppose to be on the top of the post. One morning we got up and discovered that it was also a bear feeder.

Bear print closeup

January 2004

We had one of our rare snows and found bear tracks letting us know that a visitor had been around.

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